Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Top 3 Chocolate Crushes

With Valentine's Day fast approaching my mind drifts to thoughts of all things chocolate. Well at least all things dark chocolate without dairy if I can help it.

Of the bar chocolate varieties I've love, Hachez Dark 77 percent Chocolate with Orange, is my number one crush.  It caress my taste buds it molten chocolate ecstasy everytime I eat it. It is the closest thing in taste to fresh Belgian chocolate that has an expiration time, instead of date, on it.

Next on my list has to be the single origin truffles from Chocolate Gems in Black Mountain, North Carolina. These truffles are crafted using a chocolate made with just type of bean from one region of the world. Most chocolate is made using a combination of regions. The Kumabo is deliciously flavored dark chocolate truffle, at 81 percent cocoa solids, that has wonderful blackberry like flavors.

Monica's Chocolates, in Maine, comes in third on my crush list. Their blueberry wine truffle reinvents the idea of what truffles are supposed to taste like. Chocolate ganache is lovingly combined with wild blueberry wine and dried blueberries into a Northern Maine delight. I never knew blueberries could taste so good.

I hope you get a chance to try some of these chocolates, or ones similar to them, for Valentine's Day.

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