Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Red Limes, Atala Butterflies and More in South Florida

Limes come in all hues and in south Florida they are red. At least in Jim Wiggins backyard.  At just one and a half acres large, Wiggins yard puts many botanical gardens to shame. "The red limes were imported into Florida by a chef at the Breakers Hotel," Wiggins says.

Red Limes, hybrid cross of Rangpur and Australian red finger

These are just one of the many fascinating points in his yard. One part, his wife Colleen's side, is an enclosed secret garden, and was once a hatchery for the Florida native Atala butterfly.

Atala Butterfly a true Florida native

On the other side of the yard is his tropical plant nursery. There is even a back pond filled with walking catfish. A Florida native and ten year resident of the Acreage, Wiggins enjoys plants so much he has even written about them for The Observer newspaper.

He is also an author of 12 books. And co-wrote one with his wife called Gardening for The Soul about using gardening to help recover from the loss of a child due to cancer.

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