Saturday, March 31, 2012

Golden Crabs at Tequesta Green Market, Fla, UPDATED

Recently, I found out about Florida Golden Crabs. They were being sold at the Tequesta Green Market by Bruce Hartwig of the Offshore Crab Co. Inc.

He had a live one, in a bowl, at his stall. He said, the Golden Crab had been fished in Florida waters for nine years yet very few restaurants carried it. "They are the wrong color," he said, "most Florida chefs expect crab to be red."

He also told me the crabs could be a bit tricky to cook, if done wrong, the shell turns black. So he has a secrete way of cooking them that involves vinegar.

Most of his contracts are out-of state in Las Vegas and China, "The Chinese prefer their's alive, so that's how we send them."

I bought a bag of cooked legs and took them home for dinner. The meat was very sweet and reminded me a bit of fresh Maine lobster.

He sells live crabs and cooked ones at the Tequesta green market. But you better hurry, this Sunday is the last green market for Tequesta in this season.

If you miss him at the market, you can still reach him at (754) 246-0578 or
He doesn't have a website because he says he is too busy.

Updated April 2015: Fisherman Hartwig no longer fishes or sells Golden Crab in Florida.


  1. I never knew. Fascinating. Curtis

  2. Unfortunately in 2013 they stopped selling and fishing golden crabs.