Saturday, April 14, 2012

Green Coconut Water: South Florida Style

I'm lucky to live in South Florida. The sub-tropical climate allows my neighbors to grow coconut trees.

Florida grown coconut tree

Recently, one of  my neighbors got her trees trimmed and all the coconuts landed up in one large pile in the street. She encouraged me to take as many as I wanted.

Florida grown green coconuts piled in the street

I gathered my portion and cracked them open, one-by-one, pouring out huge quantities of refreshing green coconut water. It's high in Potassium and a great drink to consume after working-out.

Florida grown green coconut water and ice

Some coconuts even had coconut jelly/young meat inside, my favorite part.

Florida green coconut jelly/young flesh

This time, I discovered a curious side effect of drinking fresh green coconut water--increased sense of taste.

If ever you get the chance to try some fresh green coconut water, test to see if it changes your sense of taste and let me know.

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