Thursday, May 10, 2012

Eden Vineyard and Winery, Alva, Fla: Dry Wines, CLOSED

Eden Vineyards in Alva makes some of the driest wines in Florida. And they are made with Florida grown vinifera grapes.

Eden Vineyards wine selection, Alva, Fla.

Eden is the oldest operating winery in the state. And the city of Alva, is on the West coast of Florida, just south of Punta Gorda.

Front entrance to Eden Vineyards, Alva, Fla.

Lake Emerald ($12.95) white wine is the driest, and can easily compete with California chardonnay wines. I bought a bottle on a recent visit. It went very well with a creamy chicken dish I made.

I also bought a bottle of Alva Rouge ($12.95), a medium-dry red wine similar to Beaujolais Nouveau. It has a robust flavor and ages very well.

I had a bottle that sat for four years before opening. It became a wonderful full bodied wine that went very well with spaghetti marinara.

Jay Vargo, winemaker and general manager of Eden
Vineyards, Alva, Fal.

I got to chat to Jay Vargo, wine market and general manager of Eden Vineyards and Winery, about the use of sulfites in his wines. "Eden Vineyards sulfite levels are 40 parts per million, an industry minimum. Levels are legally allowed to go as high as 200 parts per million." This gives Eden Vineyards wines a shelf life of approx five years.

They also have muscadine grape wines, a popular sweet-wine style in Florida.

I am looking forward to sharing my wine with friends and chefs on the East coast of Florida.

The shop is open every day from 11am to 4pm. Wine tastings costs $2.50 for seven styles.
Eden Vineyard and Winery is located at 19709 Little Lane, Alva, FL, 33920
To find out more go to

Unfortunately this vineyard and winery is now closed.

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