Friday, May 25, 2012

Higher Than Fair-Trade Coffee at Cool Beans Boquete Coffee Shop

I was not aware that there were higher purchasing standards for coffee than Fair-Trade. I dropped by Cool Beans Boquete Coffee shop in Ft. Myers, Florida, in mid-April and found out more.

Sherry Brennaman, the daughter of the owners, told me often companies that pay Fair-Trade prices are still paying very little money.

Her parents visited the high mountains Boquete area of Panama, over two years ago, to see how coffee was grown. They discovered several farms paying above average wages (higher than Fair-Trade), and sponsoring educational programs for their Ngobe Bugle Indian workers.

Her parents were so impressed they decided to open a coffee shop featuring shade grown coffee from this region of Panama.

When Brennaman found out I was not local to the area she gave me a web contact for the coffee at

Unfortunately, after just two years, the business closed their doors on April 21.

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