Monday, July 23, 2012

Mumbia Masala, Atlanta, GA: Tasty Indian Street Food

Mumbai Masala Restaurant, Norcross, Atlanta, GA, serves authentic tasting food. Under new management by Sandeep Salva, this Global Mall food court booth serves homemade dishes in a Northern Indian vegetarian street food style. Some of the dishes are even made with locally sourced Georgian grown ingredients.

Mumbai Masala Restaurant in Global Mall Food Court,
Atlanta, GA
Salva says people come from all over to try his food especially his Karela kaja, a dish made from bitter melon, because he does not skimp on quality.

The Karela sounded delicious--crispy fried pieces of melon mixed with cashews--but when my husband and I went in for lunch we wanted more to eat. We asked Salva to choose an authentic North Indian dish. He suggested a Veg Thali because it came with a selection of dishes served in small containers, sort of like Indian tapas. We bought two orders to cover more flavors.

Vegetable Thali from Mumbai Masala Restaurant,
Atlanta, GA
The Veg Thali (pictured above) came with Guvak Dhokli (young green beans), Karela Kaju (crispy fried bitter melon & cashews), Baingan Bharta with Aloo (smoky eggplant & potato curry), Dhal (chick pea gravy), lime pickle, white rice, roti (soft unleavened wheat bread), yogurt, sev (tiny, crispy, deep-fried noodles, used to top the Karela), papad (crispy unleavened rice bread with chilies), a sweet tomato dish, and cabbage coleslaw made with carrots, coriander, and apples.

The flavors were bold and spicy with our favorite being the bitter melon. This was not a beginners' Indian food feast because with each bite the spiciness of the meal increased. But it was worth the heartburn because we felt like we had taken a culinary tour of India--one bite at a time.

Mumbai Masala Restaurant is located on the second floor of the Global Mall, 5675 Jimmy Carter Blvd, #775, Norcross, GA  30071
Phone: 770-368-9200

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