Monday, November 5, 2012

It's Florida Red Grapefruit Season

It's Indian River, Florida, grapefruit season when the blood-red varies are ripe. They are the sweetest and least bitter type of grapefruit Florida has to offer.

Indian River, Florida, red grapefruit
There are four things you want to look for when buying these fruit.
1. Find the one with the largest amount of pink color on the skin. This means the fruit was allowed to ripen on the tree.
2. Lightly squeeze the skin. Does it feel slightly soft like a pillow, or is it hard? You want to get the pillow like version.
3. Test the weight of each fruit. The heavier the fruit, the more water it has which means the jucier it will be.
4. Look at stem area. This is the place the fruit attaches to the tree. Is there any visible stem or is it clean? A clean area means the fruit was picked ripe and will be at the peak of its sweetness.

Have a happy red grapefruit eating time. 

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