Monday, December 3, 2012

My Florida Sourced Cheeseburger And Beer

There’s nothing like a home-made cheeseburger served with beer. It is even better when most of the ingredients are sourced from Florida except the garlic (CA). This dish features Tequesta Brewing Co.’s Terminally Ale (American Brown Ale).

Grass-fed beef, shiitake mushroom, bell pepper, rosemary, beer
burger on Italian bread with Tomatoes, lettuce and aged
raw-milk cheese. Served with a glass of Terminally
The hamburger meat was combined with ale, diced Shiitake mushrooms, diced green bell pepper chopped rosemary, and slivered garlic. Grilling the meat over natural charcoal slowly carmelized the beer and turned the burger red. It was served on Italian bread with mixed lettuce, tomato, and Aged Harvarti raw-milk farmstead cheese.

Ingredients of Florida sourced cheeseburger: beer, mushroom,
bell peppers, tomato, grass-fed ground beef, Italian bread,
and aged havarti raw-milk cheese.
The cheese came from Central Florida based Cypress Point Creamery (distributed by Farriss Farm), the grass-fed ground beef came from Pan Handle Florida based Arrowhead Beef (distributed by Farriss Farm), the lettuce was grown in Loxahatchee (bought from Seed to Bloom), the tomato and bell pepper were grown in Clewiston (bought from Francesca’s Terra Verde Farm Club), I grew the rosemary, and the Italian bread came from Tequesta (bought from Breads by Johnny).

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