Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Florida Sourced Coq Au Beer Dinner

This Florida sourced dinner mixed French and German cooking styles. The Coq au Beer, or chicken in beer, was made with Gainesville based, Swamp Head Brewery--Stump Knocker American Pale Ale. There were some North Florida, some South Florida, and some regional ingredients also included.
Florida sourced Coq Au Beer served with stone-ground cornmeal
bread, Stump Knocker American pale ale and broccoli. Fla.
The pasture-raised chicken came from Tracey Lee Farms, Hawthorn, and was processed at Seely's Ark, Ocala. I bought it from Farriss Farms at the West Palm Beach Green Market.

The sauce's Florida ingredients included Swamp Head Brewery's Stomp Knocker, D & D Family Farms' (Stuart) green bell pepper, Oyster Island Mushroom LLC's (Vero) Maitaki mushrooms, and Farmhouse Tomatoes Inc's (Boynton Beach) Heirloom tomato. There were also carrots, shallots, chicken broth, spices, bacon, and oil sourced from other states. The broccoli, for the side, came from California.

Nth Fla. pasture-raised chicken, beer, and stone-ground corn flour
Sth Fla. maitake mushrooms, green pepper, heirloom tomato
The corn flour for the bread was stone-ground in a 1918 grist mill at Melton's Machinery Museum in Dade City, Florida. The whole corn kernels came from Ohio.

Stump Knocker really complemented the Coq au Beer both in a sauce, and as a beverage.

To find out more about Swamp Head Brewery's ales you can go to

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