Monday, December 31, 2012

My Florida Sourced Pork Dinner with Beer

Once you try Florida pastured pork you won't go back to regular store bought. Add if it's served with garlic sauteed mushrooms, rice pilaf, and steamed broccolini then you'll be spoiled for life or at least until the next seasonal, locally sourced dish.

This dish was served with Tampa based Cigar City Brewing-- Jai Alai beer, Indian Pale Ale style.
Florida pastured pork, mushroom medley, rice pilaf, broccolini, Cigar
City Brewing Co Jai Alai Ale, Fla.
This dish featured Central Florida sourced pastured pork from Tracey Lee Farms, bought from Farriss Farm. The medley of mushrooms came from Oyster Island Mushrooms, and the broccolini came from Kai Kai Farm. The rice was from out of state but it was cooked with some of Oyster Island mushrooms.

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