Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Memorable People In The Food Business, 2013

The past 12 months of 2013 have been memorable. The farms visits, festival visits and restaurants visits were great but it was the people that went beyond their calling that stood out the most. Here is a list of just a few of the standouts of 2013.

Antonio Fiorelli and Robert Kluson at 2012 vineyard-to-table lunch,
Bradenton, Fla., Copyright 2013 by Helen A Lockey
Antonio Fiorelli Of Rosa Fiorelli Vineyard And Winery
Palermo, Italy, born Antonio Fiorelli was a happy, passionate wine maker who lived in Bradenton. He believed strongly in supporting and promoting grape growers and other farmers in his part of Florida.

Unfortunately he passed away on Dec 23, 2013, at age 66. But before he passed I was able to record a conversation with him about his Florida wines.

Grandma Yvonne Guerri and Donna Cohick at Black Gold
Jubilee, Belle Glade, Fla., copyright 2013 by Helen A Lockey
Donna Cohick of Grandma's Just Plain Country Preserves
Owner Donna Cohick started her preserves business to raise funds for an educational scholarship in honor of her son who died in a car crash two-years ago. The JPC scholarship is for students who want to attend an agricultural school or technical college.

Maud Vareer, 1st certified uniform police woman of Belle Glade
Florida, copyright 2013 by Helen A Lockey
Maud Vareer of Belle Glade
She was the first certified uniform police woman of Belle Glade, Florida, in 1958. She worked 37 and a half years before retiring. Now she and her church host an annual lunch to honor law enforcement officers in South Florida.

Steve Melton during tour of his Machinery museum, Dade City,
Fla., copyright 2013 by Helen A Lockey
Steve Melton of Dade City, Florida
Father, grandfather, rancher, educator, museum owner, charity promoter and poet, this Central Florida man wears many hats with humility that is to be envied.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Vegetarian Seasonal Feast With Regional Ingredients

In keeping with the idea of eating seasonally, this dish is a vegetarian feast. It was sourced from mostly Florida producers.
Mostly Florida sourced ingredients include beets, mushrooms, sweet potatoes and
olives. Copyright 2013 by Helen A Lockey
There were mushrooms grown in Indiantown, and bought from Farriss Farm.  The sweet potatoes, grown in Suwanee, Florida were bought from Thomas Produce at the Delray Green Market. The beets were grown in Boynton Beach by Green Cay Farm and bought at the Sunday Morning Royal Palm Beach Green Market And Bazaar.

Season mostly Florida sourced vegetarian feast. Copyright 2013 by
Helen A Lockey
Also included were olives from North Florida and garlic from North Carolina.

The oil, beans, and shallots were from further away.

Friday, December 27, 2013

How To Eat A Florida Chestnut, Updated

Bet you didn't know chestnuts grew in Florida. Well they do, up north and in the panhandle of Florida there are multiple orchards of chestnuts. They are water based nuts that have no gluten.
Panhandle Florida
grown chestnuts, copyright 2013 by Helen A Lockey
This past October I went to a panhandle Florida chestnut orchard and got a lesson on how to eat prepare and eat a Florida chestnut.

Scoring Florida grown chestnut
copyright 2013 by Helen A Lockey
First you cut an x or score the surface of the chestnut with a sharp knife making sure the cut goes all the way through the shiny skin.

Next you can have to cook it to convert the starches into sugar.

You can do this either with an conventional oven or with a microwave. This demo used a microwave. Depending on the power of your machine, cook the chestnut for between five and 15 seconds.

Cooked Florida chestnut copyright
2013 by Helen A Lockey
When you notice the skin around the cut curling back then the chestnut is ready for the next step.

Peeling Florida grown and cooked chestnut, copyright
2013 by Helen A Lockey
Take a knife and carefully start peeling the chestnut. Make sure to go through the shiny outer skin and fuzzy inner skin to reveal the yellow inner meat of the chestnut.
Peeled, cooked, Florida grown chestnut,
copyright 2013 by Helen A Lockey
And before you know it you'll have peeled your first chestnut.

A freshly cooked Florida grown chestnut can taste slightly sweet to caramel sweet with an earthy finish.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Seasonal Florida Christmas Feast

In keeping with the winter season, this year's Christmas feast was made with mostly local Florida grown ingredients.
Seasonal Florida Sourced Christmas Feast with blueberry wine, duck, beans,
tomato pie, and green beans. Copyright 2013 by Helen A Lockey
A roasted duck, raised in Central Florida and sold by Farriss Farm was served with many Florida sourced side dishes.

There was a tomato crumble dish made with Heirloom tomatoes grown in Boynton Beach by Farmhouse Tomatoes Inc. There were also red bell peppers mixed in and grown in Loxahatchee by QV Farms.

Green beans, grown in Staurt by Kai Kai Farm made up the green course. They were accompanied by a roasted sweet potato grown in Tifton, Georgia, grown by Scarbor & Sons, Inc.

All this was washed down by Kinda Dry wine made with Central Florida grown blueberries and sold by Island Grove Wine Company in Hawthorne. 

Friday, December 20, 2013

My Florida Beef, Mushroom & Olive Dish

Tis' the season to support Florida farmers. The best way to do this is to buy their products at area Green & Farmers Markets. The dish below was sourced mainly from the Saturday morning West Palm Beach Green Market.
Partially Florida sourced dish made with beef, mushrooms, and olives,
Copyright Helen A Lockey
I used beef from Farriss Farm, sautéed mushrooms from Oyster Island Mushrooms, and olives that were picked, cured and brined by me. I'll have more information later on the Florida olives.

I washed it down with a nice glass of semi-dry red wine from Eden Vineyard & Winery, called Alva Rouge that I bought back in 2011. Unfortunately the vineyard has since closed.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Windsor Run Cellars: Vineyard, Winery, Distillery, In Yadkin Valley, NC

Hamptonville, N.C.--Windsor Run Cellars is the only vineyard in North Carolina with a still. They use it to make brandy out of their home grown grape wines.  The land has been used for growing grape vines for over 12 years even though the current owners, Chuck & Jamey Johnson, only bought the property in 2011.

Vineyard at Windsor Run Cellars, Hamptonville, NC
The Johnsons also own Shadow Springs Vineyard on the other side of Windsor Road. But that vineyard has a separate wine master for developing their wines.

Windsor Run Cellar is a Custom Crush location meaning they can crush grapes for other vineyards and make wine out of it to sell. They do this for their neighbors Ferguson Vineyards owned by Judge Paul and Mary Ferguson.

Winery tasting room at Windsor Cellars, Hamptonville, NC
My family went in for a $5 tasting back in November. We found some surprisingly complex, good wines. And we got to take the wine glasses home.

My favorite red wine was Ferguson 2010 'Chambourcin' ($17/bottle) made with 100 percent Chambourcin, a French-American hybrid grape. It had a delightful taste of smoky peppers and blackberry.

My husband's favorite was Ferguson 'Judge's Verdict' ($16/bottle), a red table wine, made with a blend of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. This barrel aged wine was dry with a very spicy nose and almost incense like flavor.

We decided not to try the fortified wines because we are more dry wine drinkers.

Windsor Run Cellars is located at 6531 Windsor Road, Hamptonville, NC 27020
They are open Wednesday to Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

To find out more about Windsor Run Cellars go to www.windsorrun.com
Or call 336-468-8400

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Seed-To-Bloom: Florida Grown Flower Bouquets

Loxahatchee, Fla. -- Seed-To-Bloom, LLC, grows gorgeous flowers from scratch. This Loxahatchee, Florida, based company, owned by Laurie Raid, has been growing professional grade flowers for over six years.
Festive bouquet view 1 by Seed-T-Bloom LLC, Loxahatchee, Fla.
Their growing season starts in August and goes until approximately May. "As the weather cools the variety of flowers and size of bouquets will increase," said Raid during a recent interview at the Sunday morning Royal Palm Beach Green Market.

Festive bouquet view 2 by Seed-To-Bloom LLC,
Loxahatchee, Fla.
I bought a heavenly scented colorful bouquet of yellow, pink, purple and red flowers for $12. "They are high end flowers that cost a bit more than store bought but they last longer," said Raid.

Festive bouquet view 3 by Seed-To-Bloom LLC,
Loxahatchee, Fla.
Seed-To-Bloom flowers are sold at the Saturday morning Wellington Green Market, Lake Worth Green Market and the Sunday Royal Palm Beach Green Market. You can also get their flowers if you sign up for a Green Cay Farm's Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) membership.

If you want to order a specific color selection, say for a wedding, you have to get to her early in August so she can plant the flowers for you.

For more information call Laurie Raid directly at (561) 790 - 3149 or email her at seedtobloom@gmail.com

Friday, December 13, 2013

Tater Shack, Tifton, Georgia: Very Sweet Potatoes

Tifton, GA--There are sweet potatoes and then there are the sweet potatoes from the Tater Shack. Owned by Scarbor & Sons, Inc., established in 1950, this potato farm has 20 acres dedicated to sweet potatoes. "They are sweeter than Mississippi sweet potatoes," said a shack worker.

Sign for the Tater Shack, Tifton, GA
This past November, I stopped in for a chat and to buy some sweet potatoes.

"Truckers often drive in from I-75 to get our sweet potatoes," continued the shack worker.  The farm is located on US Highway 319 South about eight miles west of Interstate Highway 75.

The Georgia sweet potato season runs from August to February most years but last growing season (2012-1013) it lasted until May of 2013.

The Tater Shack on US Hwy 319 S, Tifton, GA
They also sell Georgia grown green, boiled and fried peanuts, field peas & butter beans (from a neighbors field), honey, pecans and cane syrup.

You can buy the sweet potatoes by the box or bag and they range in price from $22 for 40 lb. to $8 for 10 lb.

The Tater Shack does not have a website so to find out more information you will either have to call them on (229) 528-4202 or go to their location at 5194 US Highway 319 S, Tifton, GA  31793

Their operating hours are: Mon to Fri 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Gray Mockingbird Community Garden, Lake Worth, Fla

Lake Worth, Fla.--The Gray Mockingbird Community Garden supports locals. Started in 2010, this 43 thousand plus square foot garden wraps around the Lake Worth Scottish Rite Foundation building. It has a container garden in the back, some in-ground fields and an ornamental plant/fruit forest in the front.
The back two of Gray Mockingbird Community Garden, Lake Worth, Fla.
Founder and Garden Director Brian Kirsch says The Gray Mockingbird is a community garden teaching natural sustainability and resiliency on land. There are individual plots for private cultivation.

The garden also donates 10 to 15 percent, of food produced, to feed local hungry people. The remaining produce is sold to local restaurants and at green markets in order to financially support the garden.

Palm Beach Beekeepers booth at Gray Mockingbird
Community Garden open house, Lake Worth, Fla.
Recently they had an open house where, with the help of facilitator/sponsor Dina Clingman-Bell founder of Urban Growers-Community Farm and Agvocacy,  several community business vendors and educators gathered to share their knowledge and products.
Lake Worth High School Steel Drum Band plays tunes for
Gray Mockingbird Community Garden open house,
Lake Worth, Fla.
There was a live band from the Lake Worth High School and several movers and shakers of the local South Florida food movement like Localecopia, Slow Food Glades-to-Coast, The Rare Fruit Council, Farriss Farm, Agvocacy, Urban Oasis Project, Just One Backyard and the Solid Waste Authority.

Raised grow bags gardening at Gray Mockingbird Community
Garden, Lake Worth, Fla.
Bell said she was working with the Gray Mockingbird Community Garden to bring awareness of urban agriculture to people, "I"m always happy when we can build awareness."

The next open house is scheduled for February 2014.

The Gray Mockingbird is a non-profit 501c3 corporation with many volunteer and community service opportunities for children and adults. The garden is located at 2000 North "D" Street, Lake Worth, FL  33460

To find out more you can go to their website at www.graymockingbird.com or contact Brian Kirsch at
briankirsch7@gmail.com or call (561) 246-0148

Monday, December 9, 2013

The Short Chef, Miami, Florida: Fighting Obesity

Miami-Dade, Fla.--The Short Chef's motto is 'Fighting Obesity 1 Family At A Time.' His real name is Ray Newlands and he was one of the first chefs to join the First Lady's, Let's Move Program, in 2010.
The Short Chef at 17th Americas Food & Beverage Show, Miami-Dade, Fla.
"I do a salad in a swimming pool and have buckets of vegetables," said Newlands at an interview during the 17th Americas Food & Beverage Show in Miami, Florida. "Then I get kids to pour in vegetable buckets." He stirs the vegetables with an oar to add to the fun of the experience.

He started his signature dish five years ago at Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden Edible Garden event. He was invited to provide a salad to a group of children. Pulling from his experiences in New Orleans where crawfish are served in plastic swimming pools, he devised a way to serve salad in a style that would engage children. The style was a huge success and every child that helped with the salad preparation ate every bit of it.

"Now I'm doing a pool of pasta with some vegetables," said Newlands with a smile, "It's all about presentation because I cook for kids."

Newlands started his "Short Chef," persona in 2005 after he had a heart attack and realized he needed to change to a healthier eating style and educate children about eating healthier. The 'Short' part of his persona's name reflects his dressing style, he always wears shorts.

He teaches nine enrichment classes for kids in Miami-Dade County, Fla., and has a very informative website www.shortchef.com 

Friday, December 6, 2013

Laurel Gray Vineyards, Yadkin Valley, N.C: Vinegar And Wine

Hamptonville, N.C.--It's hard to find red wine vinegar made on a vineyard in the United States. But at Laurel Gray Vineyards in the Yadkin Valley of North Carolina that's exactly what they have done.  This 84-acre, former dairy and tobacco farm, vineyard has been growing French Vinifera grapes on 10-acres of land since 2001.

Laurel Gray Vineyards, Hamptonville, NC
In 2003, they opened their tasting room, a former milking parlor, and started selling their wines. In 2007 they expanded and opened a winery with a 20,000 case capacity. They now produce many award wining wines from dry red & whites to sweet selections.

Red wine vinegar by Laurel Gray Vineyards, Hamptonville,   NC
Several years ago they started experimenting with red wine vinegar production. "It took four years from grape to bottle for my father to develop the vinegar," said Ashley Myers, daughter of owners Benny and Kim Myers.

Kim Myers, co-owner of Laurel Gray Vineyards, Hamptonville, NC
There was a limited supply of vinegar in November when I went to the vineyard. I had a choice of two herbed styles: fresh rosemary or thyme. I chose the thyme ($6 for 12oz.) because according to Ashley it was the one that had the strongest characteristics of their wine.

I also bought a bottle of 2011 un-oaked Chardonnay and a bottle of 2011 Barred Fermented Chardonnay after taking a $7 wine tasting tour.

To buy Laurel Gray Vineyards' red wine vinegar you have to go to their tasting room which is open Wed to Sat, 10am-5pm, Sun 1pm-5pm. They are located at 5726 Old Hwy 421, Hamptonville, NC 27020.

You can contact them by phone 336-468-9463 or 888-769-4635.

To find out more about their wines you can go to their website www.laurelgray.com

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Uncle Ernie's Bayfront Grill & Brew House, Panama City, Fla.

You have to be a local to know where Uncle Ernie's Bayfront Grill & Brew House is. This Florida Panhandle restaurant embraces ocean-to-table practices and passionately supports local fishermen.
Uncle Ernie's Bayfront Grill & Brew House, harbor view, Panama City, Fla.
I found them by accident in October when I went in for lunch and some brews. Uncle Ernie's passion for local seafood meant they would not sell me oysters because there were no local varieties available at the time.
Uncle Ernie's Fresh Catch Of The Day sandwich with Florida Bay
caught grouper, Panama City, Fla.
So, I ordered a Fresh Catch Of The Day sandwich made with Florida Gulf caught grouper. It came on a croissant style roll with sautéed mushrooms, fresh tomato, lettuce and pickles.
View from porch looking out on bay at Uncle Ernie's Bayfront
Grill & Brew House, Panama City, Fla.
I wanted to try a flight of beer after my server told me they had some home brew selections. She also told me the Grill was outsourcing their brews to Sweet Water Brewing Company in Georgia but the recipes were all Uncle Ernie's.  I thought their beer flight (sampler) was a bit expensive at $12.99 but decided to order it regardless. Normally beer flights are four to five dollars for four 3oz. glasses of beer.

My server said it would take a bit of time to get the beer to me. This was no problem, the day was pleasant and I was sitting outside on the porch looking out over the water.

Taste of the beer tap at Uncle Ernie's Bayfront Grill
& Brew House, Panama City, Fla.
Some 10 minutes later my server returned with a tray of 12 small glasses of beer. Uncle Ernie's flight was actually a selection of every beer on tap including three of their own. People at nearby tables stared as she set the glasses on the table in a three by four grid pattern.

The Uncle Ernie's brews were: Innes Pale Ale, Miss Jessie's Lite Blue Brew and Amber Ale.

Innes Pale Ale had a strong flavor of hops, Uncle Ernie's Amber Ale was very smooth and full bodied, and Miss Jessie's Lite Blue Brew, with blueberries, was similar to a pilsner with a very floral smell.

To find out more about Uncle Ernie's Bayfront Grill & Brew House you can visit them at 1151 Bayview Avenue, Panama City, FL 32401 or call (850) 763-8427 or go to their website http://uncleerniesbayfrontgrill.com

Monday, December 2, 2013

Golden Acres Ranch Farm Dinner, Monticello, Fla. Updated

Monticello, Fla.--Golden Acres Ranch held a farm-to-table dinner last month. It was in celebration of the 6th Annual New Leaf Market Coop’s self-driven farm tour. Thirty plus people turned up for a night of hay rides, music, wine, and food.
Guests gather at Golden Acres Ranch gourmet farm-to-table dinner,
Monticello, Fla.
This was the second year of the dinner. Last year it was so successful it inspired four other farms to put on the same style of dinner.

Many of the ingredients were sourced from surrounding farms including Golden Acres Ranch, a sheep and goat meat farm near the Florida/Georgia state line.
Steve Monroe grilling rabbit at Golden Acres Ranch Farm
gourmet farm-to-table dinner,  Monticello, Fla.
Bobby Golden, the owner of Golden Acres Ranch, even picked persimmons from her property to help Kim Davis of Tupelo's Bakery & Cafe make persimmon bread.

Ten Speed Greens Urban Farm salad mix with Golden Acres
Ranch persimmons, Golden Acres Ranch Gourmet
farm-to-table dinner, Monticello, Fla.
First course was a salad made with Ten-Speed Greens, Urban Farm salad greens and Golden Acres Ranch persimmons. This was accompanied by a very moist slice of persimmon bread.
Moroccan lamb soup, grilled barbecue rabbit, eggplant salad, and
sweet potato casserole at Golden Acres Ranch gourmet farm-to-table
dinner,  Monticello, Fla.
It was followed by a Moroccan lamb (from Golden Acres Ranch) soup with cous cousThis was quickly followed by finger licking barbecued rabbit, donated and cooked by Steve Monroe of Hallelujah Farms. 

There was also moist, roasted suckling pig (from Johnston's Meat Market) cooked by Rancho Grande. The sides consisted of grilled Seminole pumpkin, sweet potato casserole, and eggplant salad (made by Country Kitchen).

Golden's family served guests single portions as they became available. 

Persimmon cake, pecan pie and fresh whipped cream at Golden
Acres Ranch gourmet farm-to-table dinner, Monticello, Fla.
Dessert was made by Davis of Tupelo's Bakery & Cafe, Monticello. There was a delicious mix of pecan pie, pumpkin pie and persimmon cake topped with homemade whipped cream.

"Everyone had a great time," Bobby said at the end of the night.

The cost of the dinner was just $65 and well worth it.

If you want to participate in the 2014 dinner, go to http://www.goldenacresranchflorida.com

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Bee Unique, Raw Honey, West Palm Beach, Fla.

West Palm Beach, Fla.--Bee Unique sells raw honey from Florida based hives. But they also sell a whole line of skin products made with their honey.
Richard Spinale, co-owner of Bee Unique, West Palm Beach, Fla.
I met co-owner Richard Spinale at this year's Localecopia's Meet & Greet in The Breakers Palm Beach Resort, Palm Beach, Florida.

All the honey comes from bees that source nectar from only Florida sources. Some of the honey like the raw Tupelo comes from the Apalachicola River Basin in the Panhandle area of Florida. And some like the Orange Blossom comes from citrus groves in Vero Beach, Indian River and Central Florida.

"All I've ever sold is my own honey," said Spinale as he handed out bottles of honey to Meet & Greet participants. "Here try this," he said handing me a bottle of Cinnamon honey (sells for $18/lb), "It has cinnamon, bee pollen, royal jelly and propolis in it."

I am not fond of spiced honey and so I exchanged it for a bottle of wildflower honey (sells for $9/lb). It tasted like wildflowers smell but it had an unexpected aftertaste of wax.

He also handed me a bottle of pomegranate scented Revitalizing Lotion (sells for $14) made with added bee pollen, propolis, and royal jelly.

Spinale said they add these ingredients to all their skin care products because they believe it increases the health benefits of the products.

As I am not fond of perfumes in my skin care products, I found the scent of the Revitalizing lotion overpowering. But for people who like perfumes I'm sure this would be a wonderful luxury.

To buy Bee Unique products you can go to their store at 3311 S. Dixie Hwy, West Palm Beach, FL 33405

You can also find them at the Saturday morning West Palm Beach Green Market
Or go to their website www.worldsfinestrawhoney.com

Monday, November 25, 2013

Jr.Ponics, Lake Worth, Fla: Aquaponics For Kids, Updated

West Palm Beach, Fla.--KidSmart Inc has designed a way to get children interested in growing food. It makes Jr.Ponics an aquaponic/hydroponic educational garden kit that is small enough to fit on a window sill.

Jr.Ponics by KidSmart Inc,  aquaponics on the small scale for kids,
West Palm Beach, Fla.
Designed and patterned by co-owner Leon, this small scale farm grows herbs and vegetables with the help of fish and other aquatic animals. It was developed after a customer came into his store and bought $100 of hydroponic equipment for a child.

I met Leon and his wife Shirley at the Gray Mockingbird Community Garden's Open House last month. "We assemble each kit by hand and sell them all over the country," said Leon.

There are two styles: BubbleGarden that just grows plants or FishGarden that uses the power of fish, crabs, shrimp or frogs to help grow plants.

The kits are very easy to use according to Leon and have everything a child needs to grow their plants. The KidSmart Inc website says, "Just add water and pets!"

And if there are any questions, the web site has very good instructions, with pictures, on how to set up the garden. The Jr.Ponics kits start at $39.95 and can be purchased directly from the company site or at garden events around Florida.

To find out more you can go to http://www.jrponics.com
Or call Shirley at (561) 797-2100

Friday, November 22, 2013

CornucAupia Edible 24K Gold, Americas Food & Beverage Show, Miami, Fla.

Edible gold is nothing new but CornucAupia is new. It is the first American and Florida  based gold leaf manufacturing company. Co-owner CEO Denny Fisher, a former jeweler, said, “There are only six companies in the world that manufacture edible gold leaf and we are the first to perfect 24-Karat gold leaf.”
CornucAupia's edible 24K gold leaf on chocolate covered strawberry, 17th
Americas Food & Beverage Show, Miami, Fla.
I met Mr. Fisher at this the 17th Annual Americas Food & Beverage Show held at the Miami-Beach Convention Center last month. The company incorporates the element symbol for gold, "Au," right into its name.

Denny and Alla Fisher of CornucAupia Gold Leaf
Manufacturing Inc, 17th Annual Americas Food &
Beverage Show, Miami, Fla.
“Gold is a cooler idea than silver,” said Fisher, adding they also manufacture silver for toothpaste. And a little gold leaf goes a long way according to Fisher, “To cover the top of an eight inch cake it will take a fraction of a gram.”

They sell edible gold by the gram, as a powder, and in five styles of leaf. “Our products are more for high-end restaurants and weddings. They also make good presents,” said Fisher.

According to CornucAupia's business card/flyer scientific studies have found there are multiple health benefits from consuming gold like relieving the symptoms of arthritis, some cancers, Alzheimer’s and aging.

CornucAupia’s popular party favor size of edible gold leaf is the 100mg size that sells for $50. But no size is too small or big according to Fisher.

To find out more about CornucAupia Gold Leaf Manufacturing Inc. you can go to www.CornucAupia.com or call (941) 342-1817

You can also contact Fisher directly at Denny@CornucAupia.com

Or his business co-owner CEO Vlad Fedorov at Vladimir@CornucAupia.com