Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My Florida Sourced Beer Risotto With Shrimp and Mushrooms

Risotto is a good way to use Florida ingredients. It is great if you can start with Belle Glade, Florida, grown Sem Chi rice. And it is even better if you add Florida caught shrimp, Florida grown mushrooms, Florida brewed beer, and Florida aged raw-milk havarti cheese.
Florida shrimp, mushroom, and beer risotto topped with
raw-milk aged Havarti cheese.
I made mine with Key West Pink Shrimp, Oyster Island Mushrooms, Due South Brewing Co. Category 3 Ale, and Cypress Point Creamery aged Havarti raw-milk cheese (bought from Farriss Farm).

I combined three risotto recipes from the Joy of Cooking, page 260-261, and changed out the wine for beer. The end result was tasty but it was more of a comfort food dish than gourmet. I added a squeeze of regionally sourced lemon to give it more depth of flavor and that helped.

It took over three hours to prepare mainly because the larger than normal shrimp took so long to cook.

It is not a recipe I plan to repeat any time soon.

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