Friday, April 5, 2013

Bold City Brewery, Jacksonville: Greening Florida One Beer At A Time

Jupiter, Fla. — Bold City Brewery has a wonderful green policy for their waste. I met them at the January, 2013, Field of Beers culinary event featuring fresh craft beers from Florida and other States paired with gourmet food. 
From left to right--John "Juan" Peters, Brian Miller, and Cody Cassidey
Of Bold City Brewery, 2013 Field of Beers culinary event, Jupiter,
Bold City served Roxy’s Finest—Imperial Cream Ale with a New England baked & stuffed quahog clam mixed with smoky, crisp bacon.

Brian Miller, co-owner of Bold City, said, “All our waste goes somewhere. The yeast is sent to a company for compost. It increases the rate of composting by 45 percent. The spent grain goes to local livestock farms. The trube, protein buildup in the whirlpool, goes to area farms for feed. The cloth grain bags go to the school board of Jacksonville, and the water even gets recycled through the system.”

He also said that they were producing so much spent grain that they had to switch from a barrel system to a truck system.

They have an arrangement with Hillard Farms (the farm that takes their spent grain) where they pay the farmer, in the form of gas money, to pick up their waste. In return, every six months or so they get to pick out a steer or pig from the farm for slaughter, and all they have to pay is the slaughterhouse fee.

To find out more about them you can go to

Or visit them at 2670-7 Rosselle Street, Jacksonville, FL  32204
Phone 904-379-6551

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