Friday, May 3, 2013

Clewiston Sugar Festival's Swamp Cabbage Eats, Fla.

The Clewiston Sugar Festival sells lots of food and some of it is very local. The members of Elk's Lodge 1853, Clewiston, spent three days preparing a local Florida ingredient for their food.
Florida swamp cabbage boiled with sausage, and made
into fritters by Clewiston Elk's Lodge, Clewiston
Sugar Festival, Fla.
They used swamp cabbage, or heart of palm as it also called. They cut the trees down on Thursday, booted them on Friday morning, to get to the heart, blanched them on Friday night, and started cooking them at 5:30 a.m. on Saturday, the day of the Sugar Festival.
Chef Snook Robinson making Florida swamp cabbage
fritters, Clewiston Elk's Lodge, Clewiston Sugar
Festival, Fla.
The swamp cabbage fritters were melt-in-the-mouth good. Chef Snook Robinson prepared them using a special wooden measuring tray to make sure they were all the same size. "I'm a highlander from Indiana and I came down here. And now I'm the fritter go-to guy," Snook said smiling, and shaking his head.

They make swamp cabbage dishes every year at the Clewiston Sugar Festival. So if you missed them this year, you can catch them in 2014.

Proceeds go to the Clewiston Elk's Lodge Fund and youth scholarship.

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