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Bites & Beats Supper--With Palm Beach Organics & GULP! in Lake Park, Florida, Updated January 2018

Palm Beach Organics  & GULP! ended their pop-up supper season with a bang. Thirty or so people crowded into the back warehouse of Palm Beach Organics in Lake Park, Florida, on May evening, for a $65 a person meal.

The Supper Club hosted by GULP! and Palm Beach Organics,
Lake Park, Fla.
Chef Chris Pawlowski, owner of Palm Beach Organics, and Coreen Gottschalk of GULP! Food & Libations, prepared a seven course tapas style supper using organic ingredients sourced from Florida and neighboring States.

“This is going to be a different type of meal than we have had in the past,” Pawlowski said to an eager audience of Foodies, “Tonight we’ll do a food and music pairing. It’s something I hold dear as a drummer. Each course has an element of music created into the form.”

He added that he did not want people getting up between courses as they usually did.

These were great sentiments but the spirits of weather, dessert, and music had other ideas. The first to get up to mischief was the spirit of weather making it so hot in the warehouse that people were forced to go outside, to the back parking area, to cool down between courses.
Salad served in deep-fried rice bowl, The Super Club's
Bites & Beats, Lake Park, Fla.
The first music track was called “Goin Dutch,” and it was a combination of heavy rap mixed with hip hop. I guess it emphasized the eclectic style of the salad served in a crispy fried rice-paper bowl. Everyone had a different interpretation of how to go about eating it.
Pickled beets, goat cheese and micro greens, The Supper Club's 
Bites & Beats, Lake Park, Fla.
Track 2 was a racy piece of fast paced music reflecting the fresh ground pepper kick and spicy micro-green toppings on the pickled beet and goat cheese course. 

Phillo wrapped shrimp at The Supper Club's Bites & Beats,
Lake Park, Fla.
Track 3 brought a jazzy note to the dinner and showcased the Japanese style skewered shrimp wrapped in phyllo and served on a bed of cool seaweed salad drizzled with pomegranate-balsamic syrup. Of all the courses, I felt this one best fit its music.

Then the music spirit got up to mischief raising the volume of the tunes so loud that conversation was impossible.

Fried polenta with mushrooms at The Supper Club's Bites &
Beats, Lake Park, Fla.
Track 4 was a funky mix of techno, heavy metal, and acid rock. It came with a piece of deep fried polenta topped with alcohol-rich flambé mushrooms, parmesan shavings, and micro-greens.

Pork Tenderloin at The Supper Club's Bites & Beats, Lake Park, Fla.
Track 5 was a mix of Nirvana and Seattle style music. It came with a non-tapas portion of pork tenderloin, caramelized onion cream, apple-date compote, and baby cut carrots. I didn’t understand how the music related to this dish.
Fruit and vodka sorbet at The Supper Club's Bites & Beats,
Lake Park, Fla.
Track 6 continued to be mix of heavy metal music and rap. It came with a sorbet dish with a sauce of cranberry/raspberry/vodka sauce and a slice of lime. The dessert spirit got to this dish the night before not allowing the vodka to set. So Pawlowski was forced to get some store bought sorbet to supplement the dish.
Hennessey brulee at The Supper Club's Bites & Beats, Lake
Park, Fla.
The final track of music brought us back to heavy metal and was accompanied by a Hennessey crème brûlée.
After the four plus-hour supper that was supposed to take a lot less time, I asked Pawlowski if he enjoyed the evening and thought it was a sucess.
He said, “Yes, big yes. I thought it was…just the experience of seeing a friend in the loft. We were playing off each other. The fact that we can do what we do is amazing.”
Palm Beach Organics is now closed and Pawlowski is now the chef of Tucker Duke's Food Truck.
Updated January 2018

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