Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Erickson Farm Mangoes & More, Canal Point, Fla.

Erickson Farm Inc. has been growing tropical fruit for over 100 years. Located in Canal Point, this 62-acre farm run by the Erickson family is a popular place with Florida foodies. I am visiting the farm looking for lychees. “This year we have been getting more and more Florida orders,” says Kim Erickson, Farm President.

Kim Erickson in front of mango tree at Erickson Farm LLC, Canal Point, Fla
“We’ll only be picking these for another few days,” says Kim cutting lychees from green leafed branches. A UPS driver stands a short distance away waiting for boxes of newly picked and cooled fruit. “Next Monday we’ll start selling our ripe mangoes. This year the season will go into August,” Kim says. The farm has 40-acres set aside for growing mango trees.

Freshly harvested Florida lychees from Erickson farm LLC,
Canal Point, Fla.
I buy a few pounds of lychees at $4/pound, and notice someone next to me buying a box of multicolored mangoes. “Do you have any more mangoes,” I ask Krista Erickson, sister of Kim and Treasurer and Director of Operations at Erickson Farm.

 “Yes,” she says, reaching down to pick up a box of green and red skinned mangoes, “Our Dad picked these this morning. They’ll be ripe in a few days. And if you want to speed up the process, put them in a brown paper bag with an apple or banana.”
I buy a bucket for $6 and get seven mangoes. I leave happy with the knowledge that I am supporting a local farmer and thrilled that I will be eating extremely fresh fruit.
Erickson Farm grows many more types of tropical fruit, spices and vegetables like longan, Florida avocado, papaya, star fruit(carambola), paan, and curry leaves.
They have a seasonal farm store on their property at 13646 U.S. Hwy 441, Canal Point, FL 33438. Call for hours (561) 924-7714
Or go to their website for more information
You can also follow them on their FaceBook account.


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