Friday, July 26, 2013

Popnature, Miami, Fla: Seasonal Frozen Pops, Now CLOSED

Miami, Fla—Another frozen pop company breaks into the Miami food scene. PopNature, owned by Cortland Joyce, has seasonal fruit pops made with Miami-Dade sourced ingredients. At this year’s Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden Mango Festival he featured four mango based pops. Many of his customers were return visitors from last year.

Cortland Joyce owner of PopNature gourmet pops, at Fairchild Tropical
Botanic Garden's Mango Festival
Joyce uses organic Demerara sugar, or agave nectar, purified water, local fruit, and organic fruit when he can, in his pops. “There’s less than one teaspoon of sugar in each Pop,” He said.

According to the company website, Joyce first got introduced to this style of pop at a San Diego taqueria, in the form of a paleta pop. His extensive restaurant experience has helped launch his product.

Many people asked him the same question all day, “Which flavor is your favorite?”

And he would answer, “They are all my babies.”

He has some unusual flavors like avocado, papaya, tamarind, strawberry balsamic, pear mint, Hibiscus, Coconut with lime & Chile.  

And according to his website not all flavors or ingredients are available all the time because he uses locally grown seasonal fruit. He also makes sure they are GMO-free.

He sells an adult version of the pop at the Epic Hotel, Miami Beach that contains less than a shot of alcohol.”It sells for $10 a pop but here you can get a pop for just $3,” he told a customer who asked if the one they were buying his alcohol pops.

Joyce said, “No.”

Someone else asked why he was not selling his pops in Whole Foods Market and he said, “I need nutritional analysis labels on them. It costs $650 a flavor and I have 104 flavors."

I bought a Cilantro Limeade pop for $3 and liked it a lot. He said it was a crowd favorite.

Joyce is confident his pops will soon be available Nationally but until then you can find out more about them at or call 786-567-8428

Updated Oct 2014

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