Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Red Florida Lionfish: Pest Or Culinary Treat

Red Lionfish are pretty looking and good tasting. It is thought they were introduced into Florida waters by aquarium dumping. They are an exotic invasive fish that grows extremely fast and threatens native species survival. Even though the fish is covered in poisonous spines it is worth the effort to get to the grouper-like flesh.

Florida caught Lionfish, Seminole pumpkin, black eyed peas,and fresh basil
Last week, I bought a whole fish at Cod & Capers Seafood market in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. They offered to fillet the fish at no extra charge, and once I learned about the poisonous spines, I agreed.

I sauteed it with out-of-state oil and garlic. Then served it with Florida grown black eyed peas, Seminole pumpkin, and fresh basil.The fish flesh was dense and rich in texture with very little fishy flavor.

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