Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Easily Assembled Florida Chocolate Mousse By Chef Chris Pawlowski

Floridian Chef Chris Pawlowski shows how to assemble a gourmet Florida dessert. He says, “It’s easy,” to a group of Slow Food Gold & Treasure Coast members at Endless Summer Vineyard in Ft. Pierce. Chef Pawlowski is the owner of Palm Beach Organics, an organic food buying club located in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.
Chef Chris Pawlowski showing off chocolate mousse, Ft. Pierce, Fla.
Step one: Hire a chef to make your dessert. No, that’s just me saying this.

Chef Pawlowski spreading liquid chocolate over paper,
Ft. Pierce, Fla. 
First, cut up long strips of parchment paper, approximately 2” x 8” in size or enough to wrap around a pre-made cylinder of chocolate mousse that is waiting for you in the fridge (made earlier by you or a chef friend).
Then take some melted chocolate, made by melting chocolate medallions in a double boiler, and spread it thinly on the paper. Once the paper is covered set it aside on a cooled baking sheet.
Chef Pawlowski rolls chocolate mousse in sheets of chocolate,
Ft. Pierce, Fla.
Next, take out the cylinders of chocolate mousse and roll them along the chocolate side of the paper strips.
Resting chocolate wrapped chocolate mousse by Chef Pawlowski,
Ft. Pierce, Fla
Rest them upright on the cookie sheet to set the chocolate around the mousse.

Chef Pawlowski makes squiggly chocolate decorations, Ft.
Pierce, Fla.
As the chocolate sets around the mousse, start working on your decorations. Put some more liquid chocolate into a pastry chef tube and squeeze out some squiggly lines on more parchment paper.
Chef Pawlowski swirls homemade Florida grown strawberry 
sauce around dishes, Ft. Pierce, Fla
Take some chocolate sauce and swirl it around the edges of a plate. Follow it with a swirl of homemade strawberry sauce (again made by you earlier or your chef friend), made with Florida grown berries.

A table of easily assmbled Florida inspired chocolate mousse
dessert by Chef Pawlowski, Ft. Pierce, Fla.
Assemble all the components that will also include fresh cut Florida grown strawberries, powdered chocolate, and white chocolate squiggly line decorations.
And voila! A strawberry covered chocolate mousse fancy enough to serve at a restaurant. If you don’t have the time or you don’t want to do this then contact chef Pawlowski directly at his company

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