Monday, December 30, 2013

Vegetarian Seasonal Feast With Regional Ingredients

In keeping with the idea of eating seasonally, this dish is a vegetarian feast. It was sourced from mostly Florida producers.
Mostly Florida sourced ingredients include beets, mushrooms, sweet potatoes and
olives. Copyright 2013 by Helen A Lockey
There were mushrooms grown in Indiantown, and bought from Farriss Farm.  The sweet potatoes, grown in Suwanee, Florida were bought from Thomas Produce at the Delray Green Market. The beets were grown in Boynton Beach by Green Cay Farm and bought at the Sunday Morning Royal Palm Beach Green Market And Bazaar.

Season mostly Florida sourced vegetarian feast. Copyright 2013 by
Helen A Lockey
Also included were olives from North Florida and garlic from North Carolina.

The oil, beans, and shallots were from further away.

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