Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Florida Winner, Slow Food USA Speakeasy Ark Of Taste Cocktail Comp. Updated

Slow Food USA is having a Speakeasy Ark Of Taste Cocktail Competition this year. In April, participants from all over the country submitted cocktail recipes. Asian American, Irene Jade, of Delray Beach, was one of the winners with a mango cocktail. 
Irene Jade with her Mango By The Sea Cocktail, Delray Beach, Fla.
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The competition is open to 21-year old or over amateur and professional mixologists, and has one main requirement—that all the drinks include at least product from the Ark of Taste.

Jade, an avid gardener, Locavore, cheese maker, and co-chair of the Slow Food Glades To Coast, is using Shrub in her Mango By The Sea cocktail.

This type of Shrub is not one you’d find in a garden but instead it is an old timey, before refrigeration, method of preserving fruit in syrup made with sugar and vinegar.

Pascale’s, Delray Beach Jam Company, created Jade’s Shrub from ginger and Florida mango.

“The mango is from her backyard. And the mango nectar was saved from her hot sauce,” said Jade about Pascale.

The Florida Distillery in Central Florida made the cane vodka.

“Cane Vodka really embodies Slow Food. It is made in small batches with South Florida grown cane and bottles that are made in the USA,” said Jade.

Mother nature made the ginger and Florida Key Lime juice.

“I really wanted to use ingredients local to the South Florida area,” said Jade with a smile that could light up a room.

Her passion for sourcing local came early from her mother who grew most of what her family ate and made everything from scratch.

“I want people to support local Florida agriculture,” said Jade.

Mango By The Sea Cocktail recipe

1 oz. Florida Premium Cane Vodka

2.5 Tbsp. Pascale's Mango Ginger Shrub Ark Product
3 Tbsp. fresh Florida mango nectar

1.5 oz. fresh Florida key lime juice

0.25 tsp. fresh finely grated ginger

Combine all ingredients above, stir and add ice. Or place in a cocktail shaker with ice, shake, pour. Garnish with fresh Florida key lime zest.


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