Saturday, December 20, 2014

Cocoade, Thai Coconut Water, Miami, Fla.

Miami Beach, Fla.—Cocoade is delicious Thailand sourced coconut water in a can. It is imported to Florida by Miami based Seba Distribution LLC. According to Sales Manager Steven Villazon, Cocoade is a new product line. It is made from unblended Thai coconut water, that has a nuttier flavor than other types of coconut water. It also contains only sugar, is gluten-free and is fat-free.

Cocoade Corp, 18th Americas Food & Beverage Show, Miami Beach, Fla.
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SebaDistribution LLC actively gives back to the Miami-Dade County community by aiding the Miami Rescue Mission through product donation, volunteering and sponsorship.  

You can buy Cocoade at most corporate Walgreen Stores in South Florida for about $1.79.

To find out more about this company go to or call Villazon at 1-800-767-0896 ext. 203.

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