Sunday, April 30, 2017

Florida Edible Mahoe Tree

If you live in Florida you often get to see variegated Mahoe trees. You might know them as an ornamental tree used to bring color to a yard. But I bet you didn’t know these colorful Mahoe trees have edible parts. Well according to Green Deane of Eat The Weeds they are.

Multicolored Mahoe tree, Florida
Copyright 2017 by Helen A Lockey
He is a Florida forager who takes people on walks through Florida wilderness to teach them about which wild plants and fruit are edible. 

Mahoe flower, edible hibiscus, Florida
Copyright 2017 by Helen A Lockey
Mahoe trees are in the edible hibiscus tree family. The yellow flowers can be eaten raw but the leaves have to be cooked according to Deane.

The flowers are slightly slimy in texture and have lettuce like flavor mixed with just a touch of sweetness.

According to Deane the flowers only last one day and are yellow in the morning and red in the evening before they die.

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