Friday, June 24, 2011

Dim Sum Done Chicago Style, West Palm Beach, FL

Haos Noodle Asian Cuisine restaurant, W.P.B., Florida finally flew in Chicago chefs to prepare fresh Dim Sum for weekend only service.
I tried some last weekend. I started with a warm tripe dish featuring tender shreds of tripe marinated in a tasty chicken broth, tossed with fresh ginger and chilli peppers, and topped with green onions (see above).

Then it was onto the steamed shrimp dumplings (below). Fluffy pillows of delicate shrimp paste encased in rice flour pasta.

Followed by steamed egg-infused sticky rice with chinese sausage center, all wrapped in banana leaves.

Then sweet steamed red been buns with deliciously light rice flour pastry (behind the sesame seed buns). And finally, crispy on the outside, stick on the inside sesame seed buns.

I love the idea that they are sticking to traditional chinese Dim Sum practices of brunch style weekend only servings. They said they also do to-go dim sum but you have to call ahead by at least 30 minutes because everything is made to order.

Located: 2677 Forest Hill Blvd., West Palm Beach, FL 33408 (Between Florida Mango and Congress Ave, on the north siade of the street and set back in a strip mall)
Phone: 561-641-2665


  1. Does anybody know any good vegan or vegetarian restaurants and stores in West Palm Beach? Also, any health food stores as well? Thanks.

    west palm beach

  2. There are some raw-vegan restaurants in West Palm County such as Raw Kitchen on Clematis, and Christopher's Kitchen on PGA. There is also Darbster's (Vegetarian and Vegan)on Dixie Hwy but I'm not a big fan of their soy protein dishes.
    Also Japan Express in Wellington has a Vegan menu with some tasty selections with soy protein.
    As far Vegan stores go, I'd have to recommend 4th Generation Organic Market in Boca Raton,