Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Apple Beer and Almond Water at 15th Americas Food And Beverage Show, Miami, Fla.,

Old fashioned recipes with new fashioned tastes. That's what I found, at the 15th Americas Food And Beverage Show and Conference, Miami, in Apple Beer and Victoria's Kitchen Almond Water.

Apple Beer, Salt Lake City, Utah

Shaney Cornell with Apple Beer booth at
15th Americas Food and Beverage Show
Miami, Fla.,

“Apple beer was sold in Florida during the 1970s and 80s,” said Shaney Cornell, “We are canning it in Miami and hoping to get back into the market.” They had a good response and interest at the show. “It is a more adult beverage because it is not as sweet as you’d expect. And when poured makes a head like beer but there is no alcohol in it,” Cornell said.

The recipe is based on a 150-year-old German bubbly drink called Fraussbrause. It was brought over to the United States by the Apple Beer Corporation in the 1960s. It is gluten-free, alcohol-free, and caffeine-free according to Cornell. I tried a sample. It had a slight head, like beer, and a wonderfully delicious crisp apple flavor.

There is sugar-free variety, (launched July 2011) called Apple-Beer FIVE, infused with Ginseng, Acai Berry, and sweetened with Sucralose. It is also gluten-free. There are only five calories per bottle, according to Cornell. It tasted like granny smith apples and was very refreshing.

They sell cans and bottles at Idaho and Utah restaurants, delis and markets including Whole Foods (but not nationally). They also sell in the Caribbean. Apple Beer has a canning plant in Miami, Florida, and they are hoping to get into the Florida market in the future. You can buy their product online at http://www.applebeer.com/

Victoria's Kitchen Almond Water, Los Angeles, California

Deborah Meniane with Victoria's Kitchen Almond Water
at 15th Americas Food and Beverage Show,
Miami, Fla.

Deborah Meniane, co-owner of Victoria’s Kitchen, greeted me with a smile and sample of almond water saying it was a recipe her husband’s French grandmother used to make for the family. She would give it to the children when they came in from playing in the garden all day. It was sweeter than the version I was drinking, but it was still refreshing.

I took a sip. It was light yet rich, with a delicious fresh almond flavor. I asked what type of almond extract they used. Meniane said they pressed their own almonds, then mixed the extract with water, cane sugar, and citric acid.

I could not stop at just one sample, it was so addictive. When I shared this thought with Meniane, she agreed and said, “I’m not claiming it has any health benefits but it’s going to make you happy.” There are four retail locations selling Almond water in California and one in Florida. But Victoria's Kitchen is expanding, so go their website for updates. 

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