Sunday, January 15, 2012

My South Florida Sourced Starfruit Smoothie

It is Starfruit season in South Florida. You can buy them at most local green markets. I love these juicy, thirst-quenching fruit that have a bell pepper consistency and a sweet/sour flavor.

Keeping in the theme of creating Florida locally sourced dishes, I went into my freezer and retrieved frozen Canal Point grown Cavendish and Hawaiian bananas; and Homestead grown Jackfruit.

Florida Frozen Belle Glade Cavendish and Hawaiian bananas,
frozen Homestead jackfruit slices,
and fresh Wellington Starfruit

I took 12 Starfruit, juiced them, and set the liquid aside.
Then I chopped up one Cavendish banana, 2 sections of pink fleshed Hawaiian banana, and 12 jackfruit sections.
I put them into a blender and filled it up with the Starfruit juice (approx 1 liter).
I set the dial to puree and blended until the noise level dropped by half.
I checked for lumps and found none.
Then I poured the smoothie into a glass and garnished with a fresh piece of Starfruit.

Florida sourced Starfruit smoothie with banana and jackfruit

The bananas were grown on NK Lago Farms, LLC of Canal Point, Florida.

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