Saturday, February 11, 2012

Voodoo Wicked LLC, Sth Fla: Local Ingredients Lovers

In Florida, it can be hard to find food companies that source local ingredients. But, Voodoo Wicked LLC of Lake Worth does, and goes one step further by sourcing from the green markets where they sell.

Jerry Rappelets, Royston and Margo Hunte, owners of
Voodoo Wicked LLC, Florida

I met owners Jerry Rappelets, and Royston and Margo Hunte at the Wellington Green Market. They are all long time foodies and friends, who work in the insurance industry during the week and sell Voodoo Wicked on the weekend. Donna Rappelets, another owner and wife to Jerry, was not there for the chat.

Jerry is from Louisiana and Royston from the Caribbean. They saw what markets were like in their hometowns and wanted to bring that feel to Florida.

Years ago, a hunter friend of Jerry gave him some game meat to make into jerky. His friends and family loved it. Someone suggested he try selling it. In August 2011, Voodoo Wicked became a certified vendor. They now make jellies and jams, grass-fed beef jerky, and specialty items.

Their products are selling well. "The key is to have fresh ingredients. Plus it's good for local business," said Royston, "If we come across an ingredient we need in a market, it works." He pointed to the Fong Family Farm stall, a few feet away to the west, and said, "We use their jalapeno and bell peppers." They also get ghost peppers from Bruce's Ghost Peppers, directly opposite them.

They believe strongly in supporting local and selling their products at green markets, "We want to stay in touch with community and local markets. It keeps us grounded. And it's a great way to interact with people and find out what they want," said Jerry.

In the future, they plan to have gator jerky, and a strawberry/basil jam with berries from Wellington Green Market's produce seller Falinda Rios, a few stalls to the east of them.

They source pecans from Georgia, grapefruits from Florida, and grass-fed beef from North Florida farms.

I tried some of their jerky and bought a bag of Ginger Wicked Voodoo Wicked Beef Jerky for $5. Royston said if I bought four bags I could get them for $4 each, but one was enough for me.

Only their jerky and spiced pecans are available online at . To buy the rest of their products you'll have to visit them at the Wellington (Sat 8-1pm), Lake Worth, and Deerfield Beach (every other Sunday in March) Green Markets.

updated Feb. 11 at 1 pm.

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