Thursday, March 8, 2012

Drink Wines Local To Your Area: Florida Style

I've enjoyed wines from many Florida and Eastern State wineries yet I'm always disappointed that local restaurants don't carry them.

To find out why, I've started questioning local Florida chef/restaurant owners. They've told me they don't have the wines because there are no distributors carrying them. They've also said Florida wines are too sweet.

They may be right about the distributor problems. But there are some wineries that can help with this. One is located south of Miami in the Homestead area.  It is Schnebly's Winery and Brewery in Redlands. They make wine from tropical fruits like guava, mango, coconut, lychee, carambola, and passion fruit. And they sell on property, online, and at select south Florida stores.

I think their driest wine would have to be Avovino made from Florida grown Avocados.

I believe if  South Florida chefs were able to try this wine they would be impressed. But many don't have the time to leave their restaurants. So this is why I recently bought several bottles of Avovino to take with me to local farm-to-table dinners. I figure if the chefs can't get to the wineries then at least I can get the wine to the chefs.

I encourage you to spread the news about wines local to your area. Let the chefs and restaurant owners know you want to see local wines on their menus. Then maybe when you go to support local farmers at farm-to-table restaurants, you will also be supporting local wineries.

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