Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tea-In-The-Garden at Fruitful Fields, Pompano, Fla.

How would you like to attend a fundraiser set in a six-acre garden? That's exactly what the Fruitful Field Community Garden arranged for a hundred or so people with their Tea-In-The-Garden event this past February. Along with fundraiser speeches there were garden tours, finger sandwiches, and chocolate tastings.

Table at Tea In The Garden Fundraiser, The Fruitful Field
Community Garden, Pompano Beach, Fla. 

"Would you like some hot water for your tea bag?" Maria, my table hostess asked. I was seated at one of the colorfully decorated tables, on the far side of the garden, near the United Methodist Church.

Kevin "Flavio" Sloat, The Fruitful Field Executive Director and founding member, stood up and introduced the theme to this year's fundraiser: grow, gather, give.

Steve Werthman, HOPE South Florida Director of Program Development, talked about gathering. He gave an inspiring speech on local food trends, Florida community, and what the Fruitful Field meant to him.

Sloat talked about giving by first thanking everyone for buying a ticket, adding the money would be put to good use. He spoke about past Tea-In-The-Garden fundraisers and how the contributions were used for the garden.

Sloat also spoke about the 2012 funding goals and request list: money to hire two part-time interns and a professional consultant ($12,000); money to buy more storage space for rain water capture ($2000); money to promote the Fruitful Field to the public, through seminars and other activities ($1000).

In keeping with the give theme. Everyone that attended got a gift bag and a package of seeds. Each packet contained several varieties of sunflower seeds. The idea was to plant the seeds either at home or in the Fruitful Field Garden and then watch the diverse mix grow together.

Fruitful Fields Community Garden started three years ago to help the homeless children, at the Parkway United Methodist Church's soup kitchen, get fresh fruit and vegetables into their diets.

Some money was collected on the day but more is still needed for the Fruitful Field Community Garden to continue. To find out how you can help go to


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