Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Locally Sourced Crab Dish: Sth Florida Style

Golden crab, fished in Florida, tastes just like sweet New England crabs. This past green-market season, I bought some crab from the Offshore Crab Company Inc. It had been cooked in Old Bay seasoning.

Florida fished Golden crab from Offshore Crab Company Inc.,
on Kai Kai Farm greens, with Rosa Fiorelli's Blanc Du Bois
wine, South Florida

I served it cold with a locally grown green salad (from Kai Kai Farm and Grove) with a glass of Florida grown and produced Rosa Fiorelli's Blanc Du Bois semi-dry white wine. It was delicious.

To contact Bruce Hartwig of Offshore Crab Company Inc., you can call him on (754) 246-0578 or email to

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