Friday, August 31, 2012

NC Blueberries, Sandy Creek Farm Style, Lexington

I wasn't looking for blueberries when I went to Sandy Creek Farm. I was looking for mushrooms. I drove down an extremely steep gravel driveway, thinking to myself, I wouldn't want to get stuck here in a rain shower. Just then I saw a flash of lightning and heard the boom of distant thunder.

Outside of the Farm Store on Sandy Creek Farm, Lexington, NC
I planned to pop into the farm store, grab some mushrooms and go before the driveway became a waterfall. Inside, I saw many reasons to stop and linger. The place was full of nick-nacks from homemade jams to garden supplies and T-shirts. There was a fridge filled with pasteurized goat cheeses, eggs, and berries. But there were no more mushrooms. They had sold out earlier in the week.

Inside the farm store on Sandy Creek Farm,
Lexington, NC
I called my husband to see if he wanted some goat cheese instead.
CRACK went the sky as a bolt of lightning hit a nearby field. He wasn't sure he wanted any goat cheese.
BOOM continued the thunder.

"OK, no more time," I told him, "I'll just get some berries."
I thought about getting just a pint because I was travelling. But then, I thought, I probably wouldn't be back through this area any time soon.

GROWL the storm said, the shop shook, and I made up my mind.
"I'll get a quart of blueberries," I said, "and a jar of honey," scrambling for a lone jar of wildflower honey on the shelf behind me. I paid for my purchases, said a quick good-bye, and managed to get into my car just as the sky exploded above me.

I was right about the driveway. It was a full blown waterfall by the time I got to the top of it. When I got back to my hotel room, two hours later than I expected, I treated myself to a large bowl of blueberries. They were amazing, the best I'd had all trip and worth every scary second.

Sandy Creek Farm is located at 3160 South NC Hwy 150, Lexington, NC, 27295
Phone (336) 853-8834   Their website is


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