Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Butterducks Winery, Lane Southern Orchards Store, Fort Valley, GA

It is unusual to find a winery in a Georgian peach orchard store. But Butterducks wines have been offering tastings at the back of Lane Southern Orchards' store for some time. Lane sells peaches to Butterducks (Guyton based) for wine and in turn Butterducks sells wine in the Fort Valley peach store.

Lane Southern Orchards, location of Butterducks
Winery store, Fort Valley, GA
This year they have a new wine called Red Decoy. It is made with fifty percent grape juice, twenty-five percent blueberry juice and twenty-five percent blackberry juice. It is a pleasant, medium-bodied, semi-dry red that goes well with chocolate.

They also have old favorites from dry wines to super-sweet dessert wines. They use vinifera bunch grapes, muscadine grapes, and different types of berries and peaches to make their wine.

There are many places in Georgia to buy their wine according to their website.

For more information you can visit Lane Southern Orchards at 50 Lane Rd, Fort Valley, GA or go to



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