Friday, October 26, 2012

Multicolored Eggs: Farriss Farm, Fla. Style

Farriss Farm has expanded. Based in Palm Beach Gardens, this farm run by Robert and Paula Farriss, expanded its egg production over the summer and got an egg/shell license. This means they can legally sell their eggs to humans.

Blue eggs from Farris Farm, Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.
They are now selling multicolored eggs. Although the color of the egg has more to do with the color of the hen that laid it, Farriss eggs taste better than ever in these new shades. The hens are pasture raised, meaning they have access to fresh grass. And that means the eggs taste like they have been seasoned with a touch of butter and a delicate sprinkle of salt.

You can purchase Farriss Farm eggs at the Tequesta Green Market on the first Sunday of the month. Or at the West PalmBeach Green Market each Saturday, or the Palm Beach Gardens Green Market each Sunday. To find out more about them you can contact them at 561-352-6028 or email them at

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