Monday, November 19, 2012

Lazy Magnolia's Pecan Beer, 16th Americas Food & Beverage Show, Miami, Fla.

Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company makes beer with local ingredients. Based in Kiln, Mississippi, just 30 minutes from Biloxi, this brewery uses ingredients local to its State. At this year Americas Food & Beverage Show in Miami, Lazy Magnolia showcased their pecan beer, made with Mississippi pecans.
Christiana Miller of Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company, LLC
at 16th Americas Food & Beverage Show, Miami, Fla.
"We're a full circle brewery", said spokesperson Christiana Miller in reference to the fact that the brewery donates all their mash (spent grain after the brewing process is complete) to local farmers to feed their cows and pigs. And in return when the brewery has a special event, the farmers give back meat from a steer fed on mash, or cheese made from a cow fed on mash.

Their support of the local community does not stop there. They employ locals, and after Hurricane Katrina, they rebuilt the brewery using Mississippi workers. They also support regional business by buying hops from California, Oregon, and Washington State.

"It's not a stereotypical craft beer because it's four point two percent alcohol and very sessionable," said Miller, adding, "we are the first opened brewery in Mississippi since prohibition."

The Southern Pecan Nut Brown Ale had a slightly sweet smell and a rich, smooth flavor. There was just a hint of toasted pecans at the end of the sip.

Lazy Magnolia beers have been selling in North and Central Florida for some time. "People love to drink local," Miller said. The brewery just broke into the South Florida market. "The whole southeast has embraced us," she added.

They also have a sweet potato cream stout called Jefferson Stout, made with Mississippi sweet potatoes. Unfortunately, it was not available for tastings at the show. I guess I'll have to wait until it gets into South Florida restaurants.

To find out more, you can go to or check with your local restaurant or bar.

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