Monday, November 26, 2012

My Locally Sourced Steak & Mushroom Dish: Fla Style

I spent my summer drinking lots of brands of fresh beer from Southern breweries. This experience inspired me to incorporate as many Florida beers as I can into this season's Locally Sourced dishes.
Southbound Brown Ale slow cooked grass-fed Sirloin with
 sauteed Oyster Island Mushrooms, 7-greens
salad, and baked red yam.
I used Southbound Brown Ale from Due South Brewing Co. in Boynton Beach, Florida, to marinate the grass-fed beef. The beef and other ingredients came from the Wellington GreenMarket, the West Palm Beach GreenMarket, and a local grocery store.  
The Arrowhead Beef, Grass-Fed Sirloin, was bought from Farriss Farm stand at the West Palm Beach GreenMarket. It was topped with sautéed yellow oyster mushrooms bought from Oyster Island Mushrooms LLC (also at West Palm Beach GreenMarket).
Florida sourced ingredients: yellow oyster mushrooms,
grass-fed steak, edible marigold flowers, broccoli
micro-greens, and cucumbers.
I accompanied this with a fresh six-green and one-flower salad. The Florida sources were: Swank Specialty Produce (Marigolds), Black Fork Specialty Produce (micro-greens), Fong Farm (cucumber), Green Cay Produce (baby spinach and arugula), and my backyard (Thai basil). A Californian farm grew the endive.

The sirloin was infused with the sweet caramel flavors of the Southbound Brown Ale's. It was also extremely tender for grass-fed beef. The mushrooms, sautéed with garlic and shallots, tasted like roasted chestnuts.

And the fresh salad, made of both bitter and sweet greens, balanced out the richness of the meat and mushrooms.

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