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Antonio Fiorelli And Florida Wine, Bradenton, Fla., Updated Dec 31, 2013

Palerno, Italy, born Antonio Fiorelli started making wine at age 11. He worked on his grandparents’ vineyard in Casteldaccia, Sicily, gathering grapes with the help of a grumpy donkey. Many years later he and his wife Rosa, came to America and then South Florida. They settled in Bradenton and started their vineyard over 27 years ago. They opened Rosa Fiorelli Winery and Vineyard in 2000, without the aid of a donkey.

Vineyard at Rosa Fiorelli Winery & Vineyard, Bradenton, Fla.
Copyright 2013 by Helen A Lockey
Antonio’s first wines were dry and semi dry produced from vines hybridized by the University of Florida and Florida A & M University. Soon he realized his grapes were different than Californian or European ones and they produced a different type of flavor.

In 2012, he put together a farm-to-table dinner, at his vineyard, with the help of Western Florida chefs and farmers. At the end of the dinner I got to chat to him about his wines.

You can taste the wines of Rosa Fiorelli Winery and Vineyard every day of the week except Tuesday. They are located at 4250 Country Road 675, Bradenton, FL, 34211   Phone (941)322-0976

Call for opening hours or go to their website

Update Dec 31, 2013
Unfortunately, Antonio Fiorelli passed away on Dec 28, 2013, at age 66. His family intends to continue making wine in honor of him.

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