Monday, April 29, 2013

Sweet Corn Fiesta, West Palm Beach, Fla: Fresh, Local

This year's Sweet Corn Fiesta had lots of sweet corn loving visitors. Held each year in the Yesteryear Village at the South Florida Fairgrounds, this event celebrates Palm Beach County's Spring sweet corn growing season and the people who help.
Kimberly Erickson selling corn themed t-shirts, Sweet
Corn Fiesta, West Palm Beach, Fla.
But they were selling more than produce, they were selling smiles, well those were actually free, and happiness, again free. OK, so they were selling mainly corn but in many ways: popped, on a stick, with BBQ meats, and fresh. All of the corn was picked fresh, the day before, near Belle Glade, Florida.

Boxes of fresh picked sweet corn, Sweet Corn Fiesta,
West Palm Beach, Fla.
There were also kids rides, a petting zoo, and chances to meet working farmers. For entertainment there was a live band, a corn shucking contest, and two corn eating contests for amateurs and professionals.

Robert Fong filling bags with shucked corn, Sweet Corn
Fiesta, West Palm Beach, Fla.
Robert Fong, of the Everglades Research & Education Center at the Belle Glade IFAS, was selling sweet corn. In his smooth auctioneer style voice he persuaded people to buy two dollar bags of sweet corn either with husk on or off. "You get more corn in the shucked bags," he said.

The Western Palm Beach County Farm Bureau, The Florida Sweet Corn Exchange, Fresh from Florida, and South Florida Fair helped organize the event. Proceeds went to Agricultural education and Glades (Fla.) area food banks.

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