Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Florida Grown Blueberry Jam & More, Plant City, Fla.

Blueberries are delicious especially when made into jam. I ate the most delicious fresh Florida blueberries and blueberry jam on the lawn of the Brooksville Women’s Club during the Florida Blueberry Festival. This where I met Mrs. Linda Wetherington of Wetherington Farms, Plant City, and Mrs. Berta Jordan of Hardy Farms, Plant City.

Linda Wetherington and Berta Jordan selling Florida blueberry
fruit and products, outside Florida Blueberry Festival in Brooksville, Fla.
One grew the berries, the other made the jam, and both were connected through grandchildren.

“Her’s are spoiled. Mine aren’t,” said Wetherington, who turned her head to look at Jordon.

Both ladies laughed and offered tastes of their products. Jordan had fresh berries, “Picked yesterday,” she said.

Wetherington had jam, “The majority of the people who buy my jam read the labels and they ask how I can make jam this way,” she said smiling, “I do it like Grandma does.”

The conversation turned to farming, and I asked if either of them grew up on a farm. They laughed in unison.

Jordon grew up on a blueberry farm and swore she would never pick blueberries again. She married a non-farmer. She was farming-free for many years until one day her husband came home with 300 blueberry plants. Now they have a blueberry and palm tree farm.

Wetherington grew up on a farm near Seattle and said she would never marry a farmer. To make sure she married a Deputy Sherriff named Mark. But it turned out he grew beans, peas and other vegetables on the side.

Now both ladies live on opposite sides of the same street in Plant City, Florida. They plan to continue working together, growing berries and making jams from what the other one grows because Wetherington’s son is married to Jordan’s daughter.

Wetherington also makes jellies and other canned items. She also sells honey. You can find her products at many local fairs and shows. To find out more call her at 813-753-9296 or email
Along with bluberries, Jordon also sells many types of palm trees. To find out more about Hardy Blueberry Farm products you can call 813-763-5107 or go to

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  1. Who doesn't love blueberries? And who doesn't love blueberries preserved in a jar for dollops on toast or ice cream. These two women appear charming in their devotion to blueberries. Nicely done piece.