Friday, September 13, 2013

Creelman Farm Creamery, Vinalhaven, Maine: Goat Cheese

Vinalhaven Island, Maine--Creelman Farm Creamery makes fresh tasting goat cheese. This farm is located on an island 12-miles east of the northern Maine coastline. It raises Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats for cheese making.

Pasteurized fresh goat cheese from Creelman Farm Creamery, Vinalhaven, Maine
Back in August, at the Saturday Morning Vinalhaven Farmers and Flea Market, I met the cheese maker of Creelman Farm Creamery. I have never been a huge fan of goat cheese because I find it too musky. But the cheese maker insisted that her chevre was different and many people who didn't like goat cheese liked hers.

I took two crackers, one for the cheese, and the other to clean my tongue in case the cheese taste turned out to be too musky. I spread the smallest possible amount of cheese on the cracker and slowly ate it. It was surprisingly sweet and devoid of muskiness. I loved it and wanted some to take home.

Unfortunately, the last piece of cheese had been sold while I was taste testing the chevre. The cheese maker said there would be more at the following weekend market. That was great except I was leaving the area that day.

If you ever get a chance to visit Vinalhaven, Maine, then check out the cheese from Creelman Farm Creamery. It is worth the trip. Or you can go to their web page to order some cheese at

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