Friday, October 25, 2013

It's Pecan Season In North Florida, Updated

Pecans are delicious especially when they are fresh. But when you live in South Florida it can be hard to get fresh ones unless you travel to the northern counties of the state. The nuts grow on huge trees. The season starts about now and goes through the end of November.

Northern Florida pecan tree with nut
This past week I was on a business trip through northern Florida and everywhere I parked it always seemed to be under a pecan tree. Normally I don't like my car being pummelled by falling objects but this time I felt lucky. I adore pecans especially when they are fresh and free.

So if you are in the northern Florida or southern Georgia or southern Alabama, where pecans also grow, and you're hesitant about parking under a tree that has object falling out of it. Stop to see if those objects are pecans and if they are, enjoy!

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