Saturday, January 25, 2014

Johnny's Selected Seeds, 2014 New Varieties

There are some exciting new seed varieties for 2014.  Lauren Giroux, Vegetable Product Manager of Johnny's Selected Seeds said she was excited to announce several varieties of true baby vegetables like carrots, beets and lettuce. Johnny's Selected Seeds breed organic and conventional seed varieties. I interviewed Giroux at this year's SE Regional Fruit & Vegetable Conference in Savannah, Georgia.

Lauren Giroux Vegetable Product Manager of Johnny's Selected Seeds,
at SE Regional Fruit & Vegetable Conference, Savannah, GA
Copyright 2014 by Helen A Lockey
"The carrots (Adelaide) and beets (Babybeat) are true babies with full flavor and proportional greenery on top," said Giroux.

The baby lettuces come in romaine (Fenberg, Dragoon) and Bibb (red, green) varieties. "The baby romaine make excellent grilling vegetables," Giroux said with a smile.

Johnny's also has a new lettuce variety called Salanova®  that is grown to the size of a mature head but has baby sized leaves. The best thing about this variety is that the leaves have the firmness and flavor of fully mature lettuce leaves.

Giroux said Johnny's has new Artisan Tomatoes™ varieties like an organic certified type called Captain Lucky. "They are a striped tomato with stripes that go all the way through the fruit," Giroux said.

To find out more about the new seeds and other details about Johnny's Select Seeds company you can go to their website at

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