Sunday, September 6, 2015

Naples Beach Brewery, LLC, Naples, Fla.

Naples Beach Brewery makes very drinkable beers. Owned by Chicago native Will Lawsen, the brewery has been open for three years. It is not located on the beach but instead in an industrial area near the airport.

Naples Beach Brewery LLC, delicious micro-brewery on west coast of Florida,
Naples, Fla.
Copyright 2015 by R.T James
We got there the first night the new tasting was open to the public. To get a nine, four ounce glass beer flight we had to pay $15 dollars for nine tickets.

In 2007, Lawson, who had a degree in Turf Management Practices, enrolled fulltime in a brewing curriculum at Siebel Institute of Chicago. His Diploma course was taught in both Chicago and Munich. After he graduated he worked in a brewery in Ann Arbor before moving to Naples in 2011 with the goal of opening his own brewery.

I am a stout and porter drinker and do not often drink anything above 30 IBU (International Bitterness Scale, a measurement system for bitterness of beer going from low numbers to high) but at Naples Beach Brewery I tried higher IBU beers and liked them.

Owner/brewer Will Lawsen of Naples Beach Brewery LLC
Naples, Fla.
Copyright 2015 by R.T. James
I complimented Lawsen on his high IBU beers being drinkable. Lawsen said he didn’t believe that high IBU beers should be bitter. He believes in mellow beers.

I tasted Naples Classic—Golden Ale (5.2% ABV, 26 IBU), Farmhouse Ale—2 Belgian yeast (5.5% ABV), Paddleboard Pale (5.2% ABV, 35 IBU), Latitude Adjustment (7.2% ABV, 70 IBU) Triple C—Coconut Coffee Cream Stout (5.8% ABV, 28 IBU), Line Dropper-Fruit beer with mango & ginger (9% ABV, 24 IBU), Imperial Pub Ale—English IPA (8% ABV, 55 IBU), and Short & Skirty—Scotch Ale (6.8% ABV, 24 IBU).

The Naples Beach Brewery is open a very limited amount of days for a limited amount of hours, while they are under construction. Call for hours.

There was no food truck when we went but they did say we could purchase food from local restaurants and get it delivered.

4110 Enterprise Ave, Naples, FL 34104

Phone 239-304-8795

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