Saturday, December 12, 2015

Blanc De Fleur, Sparkling Florida Wine, San Sebastian Winery

St. Augustine, Fla.—San Sebastian Winery is making sparkling wine. But what sets their sparkling wine—Blanc de Fleur—apart from the competitor is that it is a Florida, made-by-hand muscadine sparkling wine created using methode champenoise. This means the tiny bubbles occur naturally after two in-bottle fermentations.

Blanc De Fleur, Florida sparkling wine, San sebastian Winery,
St. Augustine, Fla.
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I recently got to try Blanc De Fleur at a San Sebastian Winery cocktail hour put on for loyalty customers and the Press.

Bland De Fleur is an award winning wine. It has taken home two gold metals and two silver metals this year.

The reason for these awards is most likely because of the complexity of flavors created by winemaker Jeanne Burges, who has honed her craft, over the past 26 years, in the art of delicious wine making.

Blanc De Fleur has a light, slightly sweet, drinkable, delicate bubbly style with distinct muscadine fruitiness. It would go very well with duck or on its own for a toast.

If you want to get your bottle of this high anti-oxidant (muscadine grapes have higher anti-oxidants than other wine grapes) sparkling wine then go to

Or visit them at 157 King Street, St. Augustine, FL 32084,

Phone 1-888-352-9463

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