Friday, November 30, 2012

Taste Of Peru 2012, Miami, Fla, Highlights

The Taste of Peru, Miami, Florida, was entertaining and delicious. Public Relations Coordinator Nikol Seitner said, "We are trying to reach out to all communities. We want it to be the most important gastronomic show in Miami." Organized by the Peruvian American Chamber of Commerce of South Florida this lively event did exactly that.

Chef Javier Angeles Beron of P.A.CH.A and Chef
Jacques Benoit at Taste of Peru 2012, Miami, Fla.
Chefs were there from all over Florida and Peru. Some were famous, like Lima, Peru, based Manifiesto Restaurant owner Chef Giacomo Bocchio. And some belonged to the Peruvian American Chefs Association (P.A.CH.A) like Chef Javier Angeles Beron. They came to participate in chef and pisco competitions, put on cooking demonstrations, and act as judges for the culinary competitors.

Traditional Peruvian dances performed at Taste Of
Peru 2012, Miami, Fla.
There were also many happy yet homesick Peruvians, inquisitive non-Peruvians, restaurant owners, models, musicians, and dancers.

Paternal twin sisters, Melissa and Mariella, modeled traditional Peruvian dancing outfits supplied by Miss US Nation Pageants. They also wore sparkly, crystal jewelry made by Peruvian designer Maritza Guevara Sanchez of Angelica's Jewelry Designs.

The food was overflowing at this year's event with some refreshing new takes on the cuisine. Tira D. Toss a Peruvian-Japanese fusion restaurant in Doral served traditional Japanese food with a twist. They had a salmon sushi made Causa (Peruvian-style yellow mashed potato) instead of rice. It was quite tasty.

The restaurant opened just over two months ago but according to Sushi Chef Miguel Lopez, "We're doing really well. People like our concept."

Nelly Salinas serves up Rocoto Relleno at Taste
of Peru, Miami, Fla.
Nelly Salinas has been cooking traditional food in her Lince, Peru, based restaurant El Rinconcito Arequipen͂o, for 44 years. She served a traditional Areguipa, Peru, dish called Rocoto Relleno. It was made with mozzarella topped--meat, raisin, onion, and cheese stuffed sweet peppers. The dish was alive with flavor and spicy too. It was accompanied by a cream sauce sautéed yellow potato, also topped with mozzarella.

There were also many booths with ornately decorated plates of ceviche. Mochika restaurant made theirs' with sweet potato, Peruvian yellow corn, lime marinated fish, and red onions.

And some, like Miami based, El Chalán Restaurant had more expected dishes like causa con camaron y quinoa tricolor, lomo saltado, arroz con mariscos, and ceviche.

Chef Javier Florez of Aromas Del Perú Restaurant, based in Coral Gables, had a very colorful and interactive booth with multiple styles of ceviche.

Peruvian desserts finished off the gastronomic tour. There were Alfajores cookies, Pionono (rolled sponge cake with sweetened condensed milk), and Picarones (deep fried pumpkin and sweet potato rings served with a honey syrup).


To find out more about the Peruvian American Chamber of Commerce of South Florida events, you can go to their Spanish language site

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