Monday, January 28, 2013

Bonnie's Old Fashioned Biscuit Recipe, Dade City, Fla.

There's nothing quite like the taste of old fashioned biscuits. It's a dying art form. So, when Bonnie, Steve Melton's mother-in-law, said she would make a special batch for me I grabbed my camcorder to capture the experience.

Her daughter Sandy narrated the first part. "I got married and I called my Mama and I said, 'Ok, how do I make your biscuits?'

"And she said, 'Well, you put your flour in a bowl.'
"And I said, 'How much flour?'
"And she said, 'Well I don't know.'
"And I said, 'OK.'
"'And then you put your shortening in,' she said.
"And I said, 'How much shortening?'
"And she said, 'About three fingers worth.'
"And I said, 'That's not going to do. You're going to have to come closer than that.' Anyway we just kinda made due and I did learn how to make them. But, she can whip them out faster than anybody I know."

Bonnie's biscuits made the old fashioned way, Dade City, Fla.
The end result, light, flaky biscuits that melt in your mouth, don't need butter and go perfectly with just cooked cane syrup.

Bonnie's biscuit making demonstration was at Steve Melton's Sugar Cane Syrup Making Day, Dade City, Florida, on December 8th, 2012.


  1. Thanks for recording that. I am Steve's daughter and it is so nice to see a bit of home- seeing and hearing my Memaw and Mom. Thanks!

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    1. Oh la la! Another daughter here-- so nice to have it on video! I might actually get some shortening and make a batch. I love how she uses the trench method and just knows when to stop incorporating the flour by the feel of the dough. A recipe in this case is no substitute for experience.
      Thanks for posting.

  3. You're both very welcome. It was a pleasure to meet your relations and record the event.