Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Natureman's Homemade, Prickly Pear Jelly & More, W.P.B., Fla.

Ever had jelly made out of the cactus fruit--prickly pear? Joshua "Natureman" Knight, owner of Natureman's Homemade & Edible Landscaping, makes it out of fruit he sources within walking distance of his house.
Joshua "Natureman" Knight of Natureman's Homemade &
Edible Landscaping, Tequesta Green Market, Tequesta, Fla.
"It tastes a bit like berry jelly," he tells me during a recent visit to the Sunday afternoon Tequesta Green Market. And he's right. It is dark red in color, with a jam like texture, and tastes like raspberry herbal tea with a slight citrus finish.

Knight believes strongly in local and has several other jams made with Florida sourced ingredients like jackfruit, papaya, and mango. He even has sugar-free jams, made with these ingredients and agave.

He also has an edible landscape design business. But he doesn't have a website of FaceBook account.

You can get Natureman's Homemade jams by calling him at 561-676-0962, or email

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