Friday, April 26, 2013

Really Good Stuff, Inc: Florida Swamp Cabbage Foods

Really Good Stuff, Inc., uses only Florida farm-grown swamp cabbage. Co-owner, Randy Ford, grows his own swamp cabbage (heart-of-palm) on his farm. He used to be a distributor, cutting 300-400 trees a week to sell to restaurants around the United States.

Cindy and Randy Ford of Really Good Stuff, Inc., Fla.
Now, he uses his trees for his own products: relish, pickles, and salsa. He has been canning for 32 years and believes strongly in using Florida produce. This means all his jams, jellies, and fruit butters are also local and seasonal.

"I just sell in Henry County," he says, as I hand him 10 dollars for two-jars of pickled swamp cabbage, and adds, "You have to refrigerate them after opening because we use all natural ingredients."

To find out more, you can call Randy Ford at (863) 675-4768


  1. I am a senior living in South Georgia now, having moved from my home, La Belle FL 15 years ago. I would love to find a resource for fresh swamp cabbage. Can you help in any way?

  2. Hi Dottie,
    Thanks for the question.
    Unfortunately many things have happened since I wrote this article. There are no longer any farms or people in the United States that are allowed to harvest swamp cabbage. Your best bet is if you know someone who knows someone...that is willing to harvest it.