Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Gaby's Farm Gourmet Tropical Fruit Ice Cream & Sorbet, Homestead, Fla.

Homestead, Fla—Gaby’s Farm makes frozen gourmet treats with Homestead grown tropical fruit. During a recent interview, owner Gaby Berryer said, “I make a point of growing everything I make.” And she makes some wonderful ice cream and sorbet.

Yvanne and Gaby Berryer of Gaby's Farm Gourmet Tropical
Fruit Ice Cream & Sorbet, Homestead, Fla.
Haitian born Berryer came to the United States in 1963 and moved to South Florida in 1974. She gave up a glowing career as a psychologist 16 years ago to start her ice cream business, "I wanted five to ten acres of land but two and a half is good. I didn't have to inherit an avocado grove."

According to Berryer there were a lot of abandoned avocado groves in 1997, and it would have cost her a lot of money to convert one to a farm.

With her family's help the company has become a South Florida tradition. Daughter Yvanne, the company's marketing director, has nothing but praise for her mother, "She is very personable and very intelligent."

Gaby's Farm's big selling point is that the fruit are seasonal, fresh, and picked at the peak of ripeness so there are no artificial flavors or colors added.

Today the company makes 30 flavors of tropical fruit ice cream and sorbet. Some of the more exotic ice cream flavors are Nutty Cado (avocado & cashew nuts), Creme de Canistel (egg fruit), Caju Cashew (cashew fruit), Jumping Jackfruit, Mango & Passion Melange (mango & passion fruit), and the first flavor she developed--Mamey Sapote Dearest (which has a slight caramel flavor).

Of the sorbets, the flavors range from cantaloupe to lychee to pineapple to red dragon fruit.

You can find Gaby's Farm Gourmet Tropical Fruit Ice Cream & Sorbet at many Florida stores, restaurants, and hotels. They sell 15 flavors at Whole Foods Markets. They also ship their product anywhere in the United States by Fed Ex Second Day delivery.

To find out more about their other flavors you can go to or call (305) 246-7702

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