Friday, August 9, 2013

Queen Bee Company., Jacksonville, Fla: Honey & More

Honey is very popular but don’t forget who made the honey—bees. “Two to three years ago there were no bees in my yard,” said Don Peppers, co-owner of Queen Bee Co. “Now there are bees because I put them there.”

Don Peppers, co-owner of Queen Bee Company, Jacksonville, Fla.
Peppers, a former corporate banker, started bee keeping after he retired. His grandfather first introduced him to the practice back when he was just 15 years old. Now, he only sells his honey at Jacksonville Farmers’ and Green Markets.

“Bees are going to be nonexistent in the next 100 years because of insecticides. Bees can’t adapt fast enough,” said Peppers.

When he started the business, three years ago, he thought he was going to have to study entomology (insect science) but soon found out he would become an expert in botany (plant science). And if you ask him, he will tell you what plant in what month his bees are getting nectar from like Black Mangrove in June.

“There are only 2.2 million bee hives in the country,” said Peppers. They are essential for crop growing especially in almond fields, the largest agriculturally produced crop in the country. “In fact almond farmers can’t get insurance unless they have a bee contract,” said Peppers.

So if you want a hive, he can sell it to you and even help you set it up.

To find out more you can call him at (904)262-8859 or find him at the St. Johns River Farmers Market in Switzerland, Florida, on Saturday mornings.


  1. Just the kind of thing I like to read, especially since Rudy and I are card-carrying beekeepers!!

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